Recovering Your Files

Protecting Your Business from Disaster

Data is the heart of your business. But what happens if (or when) a disaster occurs? Will you be able to continue operations? How long will it take for your business to run smoothly again? Extended downtime is expensive and reduces your credibility with customers. Additionally, losing your progress is frustrating and often leads to missed deadlines. You need a plan — one that includes a reliable partner capable of locating your vulnerabilities, closing gaps, and keeping your systems protected.

Vertikal6 performs full assessments to determine your business continuity needs and implements solutions to address a variety of scenarios. Whether a storm knocks your system offline, or an employee accidentally deletes a file, you’ll always have access to what you need, when you need it.

Protect your data and your business-with a single click.


Benefits of Backup & Disaster Recovery

Access Files
24/7 Monitoring
Less Downtime
Hassle-Free Compliance
Save Money
Business Continuity
“Through Vertikal6’s hosting services, we have enhanced system availability, reliability and enabled timely information delivery to our clinicians to better serve our patients. Our nurses receive consistent, around-the-clock system access and hosting support while in the field. Instant availability of information and support has enabled better communication and streamlined operations, providing more time for our staff to spend treating patients.”


-Hope Health

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