Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Futureproof cloud solutions built to be scalable, accessible and secure.

Cloud computing infrastructure enables your employees to access business data and applications anywhere there’s Internet connectivity. Turning to the cloud will also allow the company to take advantage of world-class computing resources, and will free your internal team from the burden of maintaining on-premises infrastructures—all for simple, affordable and predictable pay-as-you-go pricing. Whether you choose a private cloud deployment that’s custom-designed to match your business objectives and compliance requirements or a cost-effective public cloud infrastructure, cloud service providers give you high availability, enhanced security and unprecedented flexibility.

Futureproof your business with affordable, efficient and scalable cloud computing infrastructures.

Our Cloud Solutions Architects have been certified on major public cloud provider platforms such as Microsoft Azure and AWS, but they’ve also been chosen for their ability to listen, collaborate and put the client’s needs first. We design dynamic cloud solutions that meet your current business needs, reduce costs, and maximize flexibility and potential for growth.

Cloud Service Provider

Cloud Services

Learn why we’re the leading cloud service provider in Rhode Island.

Save time, money and effort through access to the right computing resources whenever you need them. 

Ranging from the most popular Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications like Microsoft 365 and email and collaboration platforms through comprehensive Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offerings including Microsoft Azure Services, there’s a cloud computing solution that will fit your business’s needs. We also offer cloud-hosted storage, backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Wide variety of flexible deployment options so you can find the best fit for your needs and budget. 

We design private cloud environments for businesses that need increased security and control and public cloud deployments for those looking for economies of scale, scalability and competitive pricing. We also offer managed colocation models for those seeking a middle ground between on-premises architectures and the cloud. Our thorough IT assessment process enables us to understand your business model and current challenges so that we can recommend the cloud computing model that will suit you best.

Scale up or down to support the agility of your business.

Pay only for the compute, storage and networking resources that you need, with the option to spin up more with a few clicks as your business grows. Or choose a fixed-price reserved instance if that consumption model is better for your budget. We’ll help you select the pricing model that will be most cost-effective for you.

Protect your data with geo-redundant storage options and ensure your applications are accessible with 99.9+% uptime guarantees.

Today’s cloud infrastructures are engineered to offer robust data protection and extremely high availability. With our cloud services, you can be confident that your data and applications will be ready for use whenever your employees may need them.

On-demand access to our engineering team’s expertise for custom solution design, implementation guidance, and ongoing support. 

Our team of experts is dedicated to your success. We work to ensure that cloud infrastructures are performing optimally, are delivering their promised cost savings and uptime rates, and can flex and scale in accordance with your business needs.

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