Network Engineering Services

Network Engineering Services

Build enterprise-grade infrastructures on a budget that’s right-sized for your business.

Properly designed and implemented IT architecture is the backbone upon which your business’s competitive advantage rests. Our network consulting engineers build customer-focused solutions that are high-performing, easy to maintain and worry free. When you employ our network engineering services, we take your business objectives and budget constraints into account to deliver reliable IT systems that not only meet your current needs, but propel you towards future success.

Increase the value your technology delivers while limiting total costs of ownership.

First and foremost, we’re an engineering and technology company—one that takes pride in its exceptionally deep talent pool. More than 72 percent of our employees have technical expertise and work in specialized technical roles within the company. From network design to routing and switching, from wired to wireless communications, from data center to cloud to edge computing—our team has the engineering skill and experience to design, implement and maintain robust IT infrastructures.

Network & Systems Engineering Services

How our systems engineering consulting services help you to build systems that support business needs and drive growth.

Network engineering services that provide you with hardware and software that meets your business needs at a price point you can afford.

We procure hardware that will conform to your business requirements and suit your budget. With us, there’s no up-selling and no pressure to purchase solutions you don’t need.

Vendor-agnostic approach that puts your requirements front-and-center at all times.

We typically begin by looking at cloud solutions, to find those that would best meet your performance, security and budget requirements. Vertikal6 can also customize hybrid and on-premises solutions. When procuring hardware, we seek out best-of-breed components that have proven to perform well in the field time and time again.

Information systems that support business growth and enable digital transformation.

Our network and systems engineering engagements always begin with a thorough and unbiased assessment of your current operational processes, the in-place infrastructure and your business goals. With that information in hand, we strive to reduce your capital and operating expenditures, help your employees improve efficiency, and better align your IT infrastructures with your overall objectives.

Maximize your employees’ productivity with IT infrastructures that are high performing, reliable and secure.

Whether you’re looking for faster load times, more reliable Internet connectivity, or simply better-organized cabling to facilitate maintenance and safety, our network design and installation services will ensure that your IT infrastructure is modern and dependable. We build systems that enhance your business’s reputation for being “always on.”

Keep your technology decisions aligned with your strategic vision for the business.

You should deploy new solutions and technologies only when there’s a clear business case for doing so. As your business partner, we’ll focus on ensuring that your procurement strategies match up with your short- and long-term vision for the future.

Create infrastructures that are easy to administer and maintain.

Well-designed IT architectures are amenable to growth and change. We build systems that are readily scalable and engineered in modules so that they can easily accept new components.

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