IT Stategy Consulting

IT Strategy Consulting

Our award-winning IT strategy platform shows the way to success.

When your technology strategy is fully aligned with your business’s guiding vision, you’ll no longer just buy hardware and software to perform particular functions. Instead, your entire organization will be elevated to harness the transformative power of technology to become more creative, efficient and agile. To help our clients prepare for an increasingly digital future, we built an award-winning software application, the Elevated Strategy Platform (ESP). This groundbreaking solution gathers data from across multiple areas of your business, provides ongoing visibility into the health of your IT ecosystem, and informs our strategic roadmapping.

Harness the power of our sophisticated software and team of experts for IT strategy consulting that will drive you towards success.

ESP is the brainchild of our custom software development team and operates at the heart of our IT strategy services. Only our clients have access to the data-driven insights and best practices-based recommendations it generates. It’s a powerful tool that consolidates all your IT information within a single platform, where it can be used to proactively track, manage and forecast your IT budgets and needs.

Strategic IT Planning

Learn how our strategic IT solutions and ESP platform give you unique strategic insight that allows you to make decisions that drive your business forward.

Exclusive access to one of the most powerful strategic IT management platforms available in the industry today.

Collecting over 160 distinct data points within six facets of your IT environment, ESP is a wide-ranging and comprehensive tool. It enables our strategic advisory team and vCIOs to obtain a broad overview of your technology needs and challenges. This information allows us to recommend the new initiatives that will have the biggest impact, as well as advise you on how to avoid unnecessary spending.

Actionable insights that can readily be translated into a game plan. 

Your IT roadmap is a unique action plan that’s based on best practices, standardized methodologies and insights gained from decades of experience. It converts information on the current state of your technology environment into a multi-year budget that’s based on real-world conditions to ensure predictable ROI.

Data-driven approach to IT strategy through capturing of metrics and quantitative information.

Never again will you need to worry about whether your servers are aging or if your backup systems are likely to fail. Instead, you’ll have a collection of detailed metrics on device lifecycles—all accessible from within a simple, easy-to-use dashboard interface.

A single repository for asset management and network inventory information, while also holding warranty, licensing and subscription records.

ESP acts as a “single source of truth” for IT budgeting and planning across your entire organization. It makes it easier to understand the current state of your environment, as well as to analyze which changes are most urgent.

IT strategy consulting that helps you identify the biggest risks—and greatest areas of opportunity—in your IT infrastructure. 

Outdated hardware and past-support software no longer meets current security standards, which means relying on it can result in a damaging data breach or incurring fines for falling out of compliance. Legacy systems are also more likely to fail, leading to costly downtime. Make evidence-based cost-benefit analyses with our strategic it consulting services, and you’ll protect the future of your business.

IT Strategy Services

Learn about how our IT strategy consulting services and ESP platform provide the insight needed to drive your business forward.

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