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Managed IT Security Services

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Ransomware is on the rise and phishing attacks are more prevalent than ever. Today’s well-resourced cybercriminals know how to take advantage of the most common vulnerabilities in remote work-enabled IT environments. If your team makes a cloud configuration mistake, they’ll exploit it. They’re quick and clever, and they’re always looking for an opening.

Want to be confident that you’re mitigating the biggest cyber risks that your organization faces? You need to take a multi-layered approach to building your cybersecurity defenses.

Security has been part of our DNA since our first days as a company.

Founded by a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Vertikal6 takes an exceptionally thorough, Zero Trust-based approach to protecting our clients. We understand that no single technology, process, or tactic is enough to keep attackers out. But we also know how to create resilience. Our unique six-layered cybersecurity strategy has multiple overlapping components that are designed to reinforce one another, with the protection of your business and its data at the core.

Six layers of protection provide robust managed IT security

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• Security Training
• Phishing Tests
• Compliance Training
• Ongoing Technical Education

• Zero Trust
• Backup
• Continuity
• Security/Risk Assessments
• Audits & Compliance
• Best Practice Reviews
• Penetration Testing

• Network Access Control
• Security Information & Event
Management (SIEM)
• Security Operations Center
• Firewall
• Cloud Security

• Monitoring
• Disaster Recovery Plans
• Business Continuity Planning
• 24x7x365 NOC

• Password Best Practices
• Limiting Privileged Access
• SSO - Single Sign On
• Multi-Factor Authentication

• EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response)
• Antivirus
• Email Threat Protection
• Patching
• Encryption
• Mobile Device Management
• DNS Best Practices

Our managed IT security services are designed to incorporate six overlapping layers of protection to cover every part of your IT environment.

The Human Layer

When it comes to cybersecurity, people can be the biggest weakness in your organization or its strongest asset. We’re committed to helping our clients build security-conscious organizational cultures, partnering with them to provide training and user-friendly technical

Security Strategy

Because today’s cyberthreat landscape is complex and ever-changing, it can be hard to know where to begin. We start by understanding the largest risks to your business, your compliance requirements and your goals and budget. Then, we create a strategic plan – informed by ESP (our Elevated Strategy Platform)

Beyond the Perimeter Security

In today’s digital-first, always-on business world, security needs to go far beyond the network’s perimeter. We maintain robust firewall and network access control (NAC) solutions, but we also incorporate strategies for securing remote employees, cloud applications and resources, and mobile devices. This way, we can provide always-on security that goes wherever your data and business goes

Availability and Performance

We operate our own Network Operations Center (NOC) for 24x7x365 monitoring of your IT resources and assets – the only one in the area. This way, there’s always someone watching over your environment. We take a proactive approach to business continuity and disaster recovery planning to prevent downtime before it occurs, and get you back on your feet quickly.

User and Account Management

No matter when or where they’re working, your employees need smooth, streamlined access to the tools they use to get their jobs done. We make sure that our clients are following best practices and are supported by best-of-breed technologies so that they can sign on to the applications they need – and cybercriminals can’t.

Endpoint Security

Laptop computers, servers, tablets and mobile devices – we keep them all up to date with the latest and most advanced threat protection, including antivirus software, encryption for data at rest and in transit, email protection
and remote device management.

We take great pride in our honesty, so we tell it like it is. By itself, no single layer is enough. Put the six together, and you’ve got a cybersecurity strategy that’s data-driven, evidence-based and robust.

What Sets Us Apart

Unique Strategic Focus

24x7x365 Monitoring

Zero Trust- Based Approach

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