IT Services for Architects, Engineering and Construction Firms

Minimize downtime, maximize accessibility and performance

Exceptional IT services from a trusted partner with years of experience providing IT support for architects, engineering and construction companies.

If your firm designs, plans or builds infrastructure, your business’s reputation depends on having a solid technology foundation. Employees need access to files, blueprints, and collaboration tools both in the office and on-site. Their productivity may rely on powerful workstations capable of running sophisticated CAD/CAM tools. Project management and planning solutions are indispensable for ensuring efficiency and keeping employees on track. High-performing hardware and a strong cybersecurity program are a must for protecting intellectual property and minimizing crippling downtime. What’s more, your firm needs a responsive partner who’s available to meet your support needs around the clock.

Vertikal6 is a leading managed IT service provider with a strategic focus and extensive experience partnering with firms in your industry. We’ve served architects, engineering firms and construction companies for over a decade, so we understand the unique competitive pressures you face and how leveraging technology can give you an edge. We’ve built custom software solutions for multiple clients in the construction industry. In fact, that’s our specialty: creating robust and secure systems that simplify the process of running your business.

Comprehensive IT Service Suite

Whether your business operates in the architecture. engineering or construction industries, our stategy-led managed IT services can help.

Managed IT Services

Why settle for a reactive approach to IT performance? Or lackadaisical security? Our highly available and responsive team uses proprietary tools and a hands-on approach to ensure you maximize the value of your IT investments.

Professional Services

Our specialized engineering team has the expertise needed to modernize your infrastructure, build custom applications, and smooth your path to the cloud. We design turnkey solutions that deliver rapid business results.

IT Strategy

IT Strategy

Is your IT strategy aligned with your plans for business growth? Grounded in best practices, our IT roadmaps steer clients away from risks and unnecessary expenses, and toward infrastructures that are optimized for the future.

“I think Vertikal6 is the right partner for us because of their size. They aren’t too big so we’re not such a small client that we get lost. Yet they are big enough to be able to have a lot of expertise in different areas.”

Christine Cannata
Rhode Island Community Food Bank

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