Virtual CIO Services

Virtual CIO Services

Virtual CIO services that provide the strategic guidance to align technology with your business goals.

Make sure your technology investments support your business’s ability to grow and thrive in an increasingly competitive world. With our CIO outsourcing services, you gain the benefits of seasoned technology leadership without incurring the costs associated with a full-time hire. Our vCIO services enable you to navigate current and future technology challenges by providing expert guidance, technical advice, and detailed cost and risk assessments on an ongoing basis.

Virtual CIO services that give you on-demand access to strategic technology expertise.

Each of our vCIOs brings over 25 years of professional experience to every engagement. Drawing upon this expertise as well as insights from our IT strategy platform, our virtual CIOs assume a technology leadership role in your organization, crafting strategies, spearheading initiatives, reducing unnecessary expenditures, and giving you high-level guidance. We engage deeply and thoughtfully with your leadership team to ensure that technology not only supports business initiatives, but in the appropriate places, actually drives them.

vCIO Services

vCIO Services

How on-demand access to strategic technology expertise can help transform your business.

Scalable technology transformation.

Flexible and forward-thinking, our vCIO services can be brought into service rapidly with no upfront fees for our managed services clients. With a deep understanding of current technology trends as well as awareness of where the industry’s headed, we’ll steer you towards informed decisions based on your business goals.

Comprehensive expert technical guidance.

Your unique action plan will be based on an independent unbiased review of your IT infrastructure as well as your current operational processes. We’ll help you see where you can reduce capital and operating expenditures, how you can optimize your environment, and what you need for greater efficiency. We’ll also assist you in bringing your technology goals into closer strategic alignment with business objectives.

Control costs and make them more predictable.

Vertikal6 relies on our planning software as well as ample communications with your team to keep your IT expenditures on track. Your vCIO will help you plan procurement and refresh cycles to maximize your team’s productivity while predicting measurable ROI with Elevated Strategy Platform (ESP), our award-winning strategic planning solution.

Our vCIO consulting services help to keep you ahead of the technology curve.

You should only adopt new technologies when there’s a clear business case for doing so. Our virtual CIO services allow you to be confident that you’re not falling behind your peers (or losing ground to your competitors) through proactive planning.

Give technology an advocate in the C-suite and a seat at the table.

In today’s digitally transforming world, where emerging technologies can rapidly result in new business models and revenue streams, IT can do much more than support the business. Instead, it can fundamentally change how you deliver customer experience and create value. Your virtual CIO can partner with your business’s leadership team to devise innovative strategies for success.

Discover how strategic managed IT services can benefit your business’s bottom line.

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