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Virtual CISO Services

Knowledgeable security leadership to guide you along the path to cybersecurity maturity.

Security incidents and data breaches are all too common in today’s world. Organizations with a dedicated leader responsible for ensuring that the business stays true to its security strategy are much less likely to suffer devastating losses from a cyber incident. They’re more likely to make wise technology investments – ones that reduce risks to the organization while staying within budget. They’re more likely to create policies and procedures that effectively protect the business from the most pressing threats it faces. And they’ll have a strong advocate for cyber resilience available to advise the executive leadership team and board.

Virtual CISO services that give you right-sized access to strategic cybersecurity guidance and support

Every one of our virtual CISO service engagements begins with a cybersecurity maturity level assessment based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)’s Cybersecurity Framework. Drawing upon the insights revealed within this assessment and an in-depth understanding of your organization’s regulatory compliance and risk management needs, your virtual CISO will assume the role of a cybersecurity leader within your organization. Virtual CISOs take responsibility for project management, providing strategic advisory services and ensuring that you have the right policies, processes and technologies in place to mitigate cyber risks. The goal is to work with business executives to ensure that the organization will continue to adhere to the right plan of action over the long term.

vciso service

Virtual CISO Services

Experienced security leadership to support your cybersecurity efforts.

Practical assistance with prioritizing and mitigating real-world security risks.

During your cybersecurity maturity level assessment, our team will help you understand your current security posture, the most pressing risks your business faces, and which steps you should take to make the biggest impact as quickly as possible. Our virtual CISOs are committed to helping you with follow-through. This strategic engagement will focus on driving your plans forward, with practical guidance on how to accomplish the most important tasks in ways that are cost-effective and achievable.

A knowledgeable security leader who stands ready to answer questions on your behalf.

Whether you need help completing vulnerability or third-party risk assessments or answering questions during a compliance audit or while filing an insurance claim, your virtual CISO is ready and able to supply the right information to interested parties as soon as it’s needed. This frees your employees from the burden of filling out 50-page long questionnaires, while ensuring that highly accurate information is provided promptly.

An industry expert who can help you ask the right questions of vendors, suppliers and partners.

Third parties can introduce significant information security risks into your organization. Your virtual CISO will help you build and maintain a proactive process for mitigating those risks by identifying them, conducting due diligence and working with your vendors to make informed decisions.

Chart your path forward in a way that’s both clear and actionable.

Your virtual CISO will work with your internal team to create a written information security plan (WISP). This document outlines the trajectory that your organization will follow as it advances its cybersecurity maturity, defining roles and responsibilities for stakeholders, outlining concrete steps you’ll take to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data and ensuring that solid business continuity, disaster recovery and incident response plans are in place.

Cost-effective security leadership that’s right-sized for your business.

Few small and midsized organizations have the resources needed to recruit, hire and retain a full-time CISO, but many could benefit from access to a CISO’s expertise on a part-time basis that’s optimized to meet their needs and fit their budget. Work with your CISO on a regular basis for just the right number of hours, based on the size and scope of the changes you want to make.

Write the polices that regulators and cyber insurance underwriters want to see.

Your virtual CISO has extensive experience in transforming the findings of risk and vulnerability assessments into action steps. What’s more, they’re an expert at creating the policies and procedures that align with industry-standard best practices. Not only does this help you to mitigate real-world risks, but it’ll satisfy stakeholders like compliance auditors and insurance companies as well as your partners, vendors and customers.

Ensure that you’re budgeting and planning with a strategic focus in mind.

Your virtual CISO can help you make far-sighted, tactical decisions that balance cost and risk. They can also help executives and board members understand why expertly managing your risk posture is best for the business over the long term.

Improve employees’ awareness of cybersecurity best practices.

The more your people understand why cyber risk management is so important, the better they’ll do. Your virtual CISO will take charge of ongoing your employee security awareness training program. They’ll also assess your progress regularly.

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