Biotech and Pharma IT Solutions

Our pharma IT solutions provide technology strategies to reduce risk and protect priceless intellectual property.

Exceptional IT support from a trusted partner who understands what biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies face.

Become a first mover in new markets, exceed consumers’ ever-growing expectations, and leverage data to make better decisions by unlocking the potential of digital transformation. Here at Vertikal6, we’re experienced in providing IT support for pharma, biotech and life sciences companies, so we understand the unique challenges you face. We know that maintaining ongoing regulatory compliance is a complex process in your industry, and we’re aware of just how precious your intellectual property is. We provide comprehensive managed IT solutions that can scale rapidly along with your business, protect the confidentiality and integrity of your data, and give you an edge in today’s competitive business climate.

How our IT support can help your biotech or pharmaceutical business.

Safeguard intellectual property and sensitive data, including clinical trial results.

Maintain compliance with stringent regulatory standards such as HIPAA, as well as FDA requirements.

Enable stakeholders across the business to increase productivity and make data-driven decisions.

Access cutting-edge research, collaborative partnerships and new innovations.

Scale efficiently to keep pace with business growth and increasing demand for your products.

Embrace innovation and explore new technology-driven opportunities to generate revenue.

Vertikal6 provides strategic IT services for pharmaceutical, biotech and life science companies to become more innovative and future-focused as well as better primed for growth.

With more than a decade of experience working with companies in your industry, we understand its complexity, its challenges, and your need to capitalize on a myriad of new opportunities.

Biotech and Pharma IT Solutions

Learn how our managed IT services can help your biotech, pharmaceutical or life sciences company grow.

Biotech and Pharmaceutical IT Consulting

Biotech and Pharmaceutical IT Support

Biotech and Pharmaceutical IT Security

Strategic Technology Advisory Services for Biotech and Pharmaceutical Companies

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for Biotech and Pharmaceutical Companies

Privacy and Security Risk Assessments and Mitigation Projects

Legacy Systems Transition and Cloud Migration

Multi-layered HIPAA-Compliant Cybersecurity Services

Comprehensive IT Service Suite

Whether your business operates in the biotech industry or in a different sector, our stategy-led managed IT services can help.

Get the Support You Need to Protect Patient Privacy

IT Outsourcing

Managed IT Services

Why settle for a reactive approach to IT performance? Or lackadaisical security? Our highly available and responsive team uses proprietary tools and a hands-on approach to ensure you maximize the value of your IT investments.

Business IT Services

Professional Services

Our specialized engineering team has the expertise needed to modernize your infrastructure, build custom applications, and smooth your path to the cloud. We design turnkey solutions that deliver rapid business results.

IT Strategy

Is your IT strategy aligned with your plans for business growth? Grounded in best practices, our IT roadmaps steer clients away from risks and unnecessary expenses, and toward infrastructures that are optimized for the future.

“I think Vertikal6 is the right partner for us because of their size. They aren’t too big so we’re not such a small client that we get lost. Yet they are big enough to be able to have a lot of expertise in different areas.”

Christine Cannata
Rhode Island Community Food Bank

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