Virtual IT Director

vIT Director

Expert operational leadership to take your business’s IT to the next level.

Optimizing your employees’ productivity means keeping your IT infrastructure up and running every day. It also means making right-sized investments to help you achieve your business objectives. As a business grows, its technology needs expand as well. A virtual IT Director will provide you with expert advice, coordination and leadership to ensure that you have the right IT resources on hand whenever you need them to support your ongoing operations. They’ll also supply top-notch tactical support and hands-on assistance.

Cost-effective strategic guidance and practical IT support.

Our vIT Director will become an integral part of your business’s executive team. With at least a decade of boots-on-the-ground experience, we can offer weekly (or more frequent if needed) on-site or virtual visits with key stakeholders, where we’ll help you realize positive change. This program can take your MaxCare contract to the next level.

Virtual IT Director

Virtual IT Director

How the operational support and assistance of a vIT director keeps your technology on track.

Proactively keep your business ahead of the technology curve. 

Your vIT Director will work to make sure that your technology investments make solid business sense. We can assist with procurement and follow up on this by providing implementation and operational support. We endeavor to ensure that your IT infrastructure supports seamless operations at all times, and contributes to your competitive advantage.

Unbiased expert technical guidance. 

We conduct an initial assessment of your environment using our bespoke IT roadmapping solution, then follow up on our first review with ongoing assessment of your business processes, needs, challenges and goals. We strive to help you improve efficiency and maximize the value you gain from your technology investments.

Keep business leadership and IT operations on the same page.

Working in tandem with your executive team, your vIT Director will guide IT operations on a tactical basis. Our goal is to ensure that your technology is supporting the business at all times, and that leadership remains aware of how this is being accomplished.

Protect the confidentiality and integrity of your data and meet all compliance requirements.

Our virtual IT director will maintain ongoing vigilance when it comes to the security of your business. We’ll recommend best-of-breed technologies, cost-effective employee training, and the right policies and procedures to secure your most valuable information assets.

Ensure IT projects and initiatives stay on schedule. 

Our IT project planning and management expertise means that your technology projects will meet milestones, adhere to timelines, and follow a well-structured process. We can also handle vendor, partner and supplier relationships, always striving to mitigate risks and drive success.

vIT Director

Learn how the leadership of our vIT directors can deliver positive change to your business.

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