IT Security Services

IT Security Services

Mitigate IT security risks and boost resilience

With today’s increasingly prevalent and sophisticated IT security threats, the strength of your cybersecurity posture can determine the fate of your business. Our fully hosted managed IT security services provide 24x7x365 monitoring of your infrastructure and critical systems along with ongoing configuration management and automated alerting. We support a comprehensive array of endpoint devices, integrate the latest threat intelligence, and address your organization’s individual compliance requirements. This holistic, real-time protection is designed to give you peace of mind while protecting end users, regardless of whether they’re working in-office or remotely.

Cutting-edge IT security technologies and vigilant monitoring contribute to our exceptionally proactive approach.

Because the threat landscape is constantly evolving, our managed IT security services suite is always advancing to stay ahead of the curve. Unlike other IT security companies, we are the only local IT service provider to offer 24x7x365 end user HelpDesk support that’s integrated with comprehensive Network Operations Center (NOC) monitoring. We’re available at all hours of day and night, so we can detect anomalies fast and respond to alerts at speed. This gives us the power to remediate attacks in their earliest stages—before they become data breaches.

IT Security Solutions

IT Security Solutions

Enjoy peace of mind knowing we’re taking care of your business’s IT security and compliance.

In-depth initial assessments that help you identify potential vulnerabilities before they’re targeted by attackers.

We begin every managed IT security service engagement with an IT vulnerability assessment. During this process, we gather data from across your environment to identify risks—both vulnerabilities in your systems and their configurations and weaknesses in your business processes—to help you remediate them.

Caring professionals that keep a sharp eye on the security of your systems at all times.

Active and ongoing monitoring by a team of experts is the key to rapid remediation of attacks. With access to the latest threat intelligence and our managed detection and response (MDR) toolset, we constantly monitor your environment so that we can detect malicious activities in the earliest stages of a potential attack.

Access to the exact resources you need, whether that’s compliance reporting or a full-scale Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution.

Ranging from advanced endpoint protection to next-generation firewalls, and from baseline monitoring to comprehensive SIEM/Security Operations Center (SOC) solutions, we’ll find the cybersecurity tools that are right for you. Vertikal6’s engineering expertise enables us to build security solutions that match your organizational objectives and individual risk profile.

End-user training and testing that will transform your employees into a “human firewall.”

In-depth employee education programs are inexpensive and highly effective when it comes to mitigating your overall risks. We rely on programs that are fun and engaging for your employees to boost learning outcomes.

Comprehensive multi-layered approach that incorporates best-of-breed technologies, continuous monitoring and resilient processes.

The most effective security programs adopt a multi-layered approach to protecting, defending and recovering from threats. Ours incorporates industry-leading technologies, resilient business processes, and employee education to mitigate risks. We’ll help you select the technologies that will best meet your business’s goals, and then build monitoring and management processes that maximize the value of those solutions.

Mindset of continuous improvement to keep you ahead of the curve.

The only thing that’s constant in the cybersecurity landscape is change. Our cyber security services involve revisiting our processes and policies on a regular and ongoing basis in order to stay abreast with the latest developments in the field. We employ our bespoke ESP (Elevated Strategy Platform) technology to keep your solution stack, environment, policies and practices properly equipped and tuned for your security and compliance.

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