Cloud MIgration Services

Cloud Migration Services

Transition to the cloud with cloud migration services that fit your business.

Migrate mission-critical applications, sensitive data and vital intellectual property to the cloud seamlessly and without disrupting your productivity. Our cloud migration consulting team will take your existing infrastructure, business processes and operational requirements into account when architecting a customized plan that will ensure a quick and cost-effective transition. Grounded in a thorough understanding of the business objectives that led you to consider making the move in the first place, our cloud migration plans keep your project on track and within budget.

Strategic planning to smooth your cloud migration.

Every cloud data migration project we undertake is assigned a dedicated project manager who assesses and evaluates its goals before creating a full-scale project plan that outlines the migration’s design, rollout, implementation and testing phases in granular detail. We will help you weigh both public and private cloud options during the process. When employing our cloud migration services, you can be assured that you’ll attain the outcomes and benefits you were expecting because we invest thought, care and expertise into every aspect of the planning process.

Cloud Migration Services

How our customized cloud migration services ensure a quick and seamless transition.

Industry-wide best practices including an IT assessment and formal audit process to guarantee predictable results.

We follow a proven project management methodology in every cloud migration plan we design. Proceeding through formally delineated phases including a cloud readiness assessment, project design, rollout, implementation, triage, quality assurance and full or partial rollback if needed, the project stays within its expected budget and timelines because our planning process is detailed and precise.

Move your business into the best-fit cloud environment for its needs with minimal disruption.

Your unique cloud migration project plan will be developed on the basis of your business objectives, current operations and the cloud architecture you’ve chosen. Our engineering team has extensive experience with cloud migration planning, so they know how to avoid the most common stumbling blocks, but every individual project remains unique. We can facilitate education and training to help your employees navigate the transition as well.

Eliminate errors and stumbling blocks.

Our proven processes and well-tested framework reduce the chances of unexpected mistakes or unanticipated downtime. We incorporate extensive quality assurance procedures and testing over the course of the migration to detect potential issues early on, before they can interfere with your operations.

Optimize the performance of your new cloud applications or infrastructure.

Cloud migrations work best when they’ve been designed to meet the technical requirements of applications that are moving to the cloud as well as end users’ needs and preferences. We build cloud infrastructures that support your business’s strategic objectives and then custom-tailor migration plans to suit those infrastructures.

Control costs and ensure efficiency.

Simply put, projects that stay on schedule and that don’t encounter unexpected roadblocks also remain within budget. Our team’s expertise and the time-tested frameworks we rely on help us avoid unpleasant surprises.

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