IT Assessment Services

IT Assessment Services

Our technology assessment services allow you to pinpoint strengths, opportunities and risks in your IT environment.

The first step in strategic planning is gaining a comprehensive overview of your current technology ecosystem. Vertikal6’s Technical IT Assessments include a detailed evaluation of your current IT situation, as well as your organization’s goals, challenges and budget. Our approach is anchored in clear communication with your team and enhanced by the use of our award-winning Enterprise Strategy Platform (ESP) software.

A solid foundation for data-driven IT strategy decisions.

Powered by industry-wide best practices, our technical IT assessment services are uniquely comprehensive. We ask more than 160 detailed questions, review the condition of your on-site hardware, and collect real-time data on security risks and network performance. This provides a basis for our initial recommendations, and informs our thinking as we create your customized IT roadmap.

Technical IT Assessment

How our IT assessment services ensure your IT environment is conducive to business growth.

Capture the current state of your IT environment. 

A technical IT network assessment provides a comprehensive, centralized inventory of your hardware and software assets as well as documenting warranties, histories, and usage patterns. The result is that you’ll have all necessary information on hand for short- and long-range planning, gathered in a single repository.

Set your business on a path towards your desired future state. 

It’s impossible to make a feasible plan to get you where you want to go without a thorough understanding of the current condition of your business and its technology ecosystem. By cultivating a detailed understanding of your situation, we are prepared to make data-driven recommendations.

Minimize risks through an IT vulnerability assessment.

By assessing network performance, determining the age of on-site hardware, and analyzing your software utilization and business processes, we can instantly identify places where you can make improvements.

Education that allows you to make data-driven decisions.

The better you understand your current IT environment, along with its strengths and vulnerabilities, the more accurately you can prioritize future investments. Our reports are thorough and detailed. We also map your strategic business goals onto your current and future technology objectives to determine how to propel your organization forwards.

Enhanced operational efficiency.

Identifying which systems and processes are slowing operations or inhibiting your ability to provide customers with great experiences is the critical first step towards improvement.

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