Comprehensive Managed IT Support

Simplify, secure and optimize IT with our all-inclusive managed IT support solution.

With our comprehensive and cost-effective managed IT support solution, MaxCare, you’ll receive proactive end-to-end support that’s custom-tailored to help you achieve your unique business objectives. We provide 24x7x365 HelpDesk, network monitoring and remediation services along with top-tier strategic guidance and engineering expertise. You’ll experience cost savings, increased efficiency and greater peace of mind, freeing you from worries and allowing your team to focus on their core mission.

Managed IT Support

Managed IT Support Services

Find out how our comprehensive managed IT services can give your business the efficiency needed to grow.

Increase your operational efficiency, productivity and resilience.

With MaxCare IT support, you’ll receive a comprehensive suite of support, monitoring and maintenance solutions—all of which were purposefully created to help you achieve your unique business objectives. Our strategic approach ensures that your technology investments will immediately contribute to the productivity and profitability of your business.

Outsourced IT Support

Reduce costs and make IT budgets more predictable.

We provide enterprise-level IT support for a single monthly fee that’s right-sized for your budget. Whether you need an all-encompassing XaaS solution or “just the basics” of IT services, we’ve got you covered. With this predictable cost model, you’ll never again face unwelcome surprises, unexpected costs or budgeting headaches.

Minimize downtime and optimize performance of your IT infrastructure.

We take a proactive approach to monitoring your infrastructure. This ensures that our engineering team is able to begin remediation work immediately upon being alerted to a potential problem. You’ll experience rapid ticket resolution, full-time dedicated IT support and the best client experience in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and neighboring Connecticut.

IT Support Services

Round-the-clock access to technology expertise.

We provide 24x7x365 critical infrastructure monitoring for enhanced security and data protection, as well as industry-leading HelpDesk support that can resolve the majority of issues remotely. Our clients also gain exclusive access to our Elevated Strategy Platform (ESP), an award-winning IT solution that lets us make proactive and data-driven decisions about your IT.

Business IT Solutions

IT outsourcing that complements and enhances your in-house capabilities.

Our comprehensive business IT services are completely customizable to meet your organization’s needs, whether you need a full-scale outsourced IT department or select enhancements to your existing resources. We take a white-glove approach to support that releases you from the burden of managing your own IT.

Strategic guidance that can help you gain an edge on competitors.

Add on virtual CIO services to gain additional strategic advisory services. We’ll keep you ahead of the curve by taking full advantage of award-winning systems processes like our exclusive Elevated Strategy Platform (ESP). This allows us to align your IT strategy with your compliance requirements, short- and long-term objectives, and industry best practices.

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