Having technology problems? Frustrated remote workforce? Tired of the break/fix mentality?


Eliminate Issues Remotely

Providing Onsite Quality Support from Offsite

No technology is foolproof, no matter how reliable it may seem. Your employees depend on reliable, secure workstations to go about their day-to-day responsibilities. If something goes wrong, you will need a team of experts to resolve your issues quickly, so you can get back to being productive. Waiting for your support team to arrive and run tests before getting your systems back up and running is often more time-consuming than if you had access to remote tech assistance.

Vertikal6 provides the expertise you need to keep your Mac, Windows, or hybrid computer environment running smoothly. We will optimize your systems so team members can communicate and collaborate, regardless of what device they’re using. Our remote IT support team begins the steps of solving your technology challenges immediately. Whether it means walking you through the steps, or taking control of your machine remotely, our team is always available to get you back to work as fast as possible.

Keep users productive and secure on every platform.


Benefits of Remote IT Support

Automatic Updates
Cyber Threat Protection
Remote Assistance
24/7 Monitoring
Business Continuity
One Flat-Fee
“We’re happy to have the support of Vertikal6. As a consultant, we’re able to focus on our clients while Vertikal6 proactively maintains our systems and if things do go wrong, we can rely on Vertikal6 to take care of any issues in a professional and timely manner.”


-Turino Group

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