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The healthcare industry and the IT industry are quite similar. Your top priority is your patients’ well-being, and you need a partner as committed to protecting your business as you are to protecting your patients. You need proactive management and compliance support to help you achieve standards set by HIPAA and keep your patients’, employees’, and business’ information confidential.

At Vertikal6 we work double-time, just like you. Our healthcare IT solutions help manage your practice, provide access to research, improve collaborative medicine, streamline communication with your patients, and much more. You never stop, and neither do we — we’re always “on-call” to provide 24/7 support. We proactively monitor your network to prevent outages and resolve issues quickly if anything pops up.

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Experience the MaxCare Difference

What’s MaxCare? To put it simply, it’s maximizing your chances for success with end-to-end, managed IT support. We function as your organization’s IT department and provide an account representative, a sales representative, and a vCIO to assist you. You’ll meet with our vCIO as often as you need to ensure your technology is keeping your business on track. From planning and investing to structuring and deploying, we’ll integrate your technology solutions into your daily operations to help improve productivity and efficiency while saving you money. We’ll keep your IT updated, minimize security risks, train your team, and more. Plus, by planning out your tech budget, we’ll help you make educated tech decisions throughout the year.

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