Cybercriminals Are Targeting U.S. Factories: Are You Prepared?

The manufacturing industry is the top target for cyberattacks. Small and mid-sized manufacturing facilities are changing their defense strategy for sensitive data and connected equipment.

How Small & Medium-Sized Factories Are Fighting Increased Cyberattacks

Financial data. Trade secrets. Ransomware. Equipment sabotage.

Manufacturing facilities are the leading target for an increasingly frequent and sophisticated array of cyberattacks. Cybercriminals are exploiting every weak link in the supply chain.

That’s why small and medium-sized businesses are turning to cybersecurity experts to help keep their facilities safe, secure, and operational.

Before your production lines grind to a halt – and you pay an exorbitant ransom to get back online — it’s time to be proactive.

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The Manufacturing Sector Is the No. 1 Target for Cyberattacks


of all cyberattacks were directed against manufacturers.

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