A Cybersecurity Checkup for Healthcare

Why small and medium-sized providers are changing how they approach data security

Cyber Criminals Are Targeting Small Healthcare Providers. Here’s why.

Cyberattacks on large healthcare providers have increased dramatically during the past few years.  

But today, hackers are moving on to new targets: Family clinics, solo practitioners, small practice groups and other medical offices without dedicated cybersecurity staff.  

Why? They’re easier targets.

In just one year, attacks on physician groups jumped from 2% of all healthcare attacks to 12%.¹ 

But you’re not alone. Learn what medical offices like yours can do to protect themselves – and get the support they need.  

Get a free cyber risk checkup: Let us evaluate your digital risk and help you protect your patient privacy, your operations – and your reputation.

¹Cyber Security Risk Growing for Small Medical Practices, Medical Economics, Jan. 17, 2023

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The New Wave of Threats 

Smaller Healthcare Providers Are Under Attack.


of healthcare respondents experienced an attack on their cloud infrastructure.


weekly cyberattacks per healthcare organization over the past few years.

Source: Healthcare Cybersecurity in 2023…Cyberattacks Only Getting Worse, Insider Intelligence, Jan. 27, 2023

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