The Town Dock is among the largest suppliers of wild-caught calamari in the United States, as well as a leader in the international marketplace. Working with a fleet of seven affiliated vessels and more than a dozen day boats, the company provides fresh calamari of the highest quality to distributors, chefs and retail establishments around the world.

Like all commercial fishing fleets, those affiliated with the Town Dock are required by law to submit data on vessel location, as well as catch volume, species and timing to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for every trip. Previously, the Town Dock’s fleet vessels had been transmitting this data via an expensive satellite communications link, incurring costs for every character transmitted.

Vertikal6 recommended that the company extend their wireless network to the dock and its immediate environs. This meant that fishing boat captains could access the Internet whenever their vessels were docked, enabling them to transmit the data to NOAA with – essentially – zero costs. With the wireless backbone installed at the dock, its users not only saved money but also enjoyed the convenience of reliable Internet connectivity whenever they were in port.


  • Saved $18 per month for every 8,000 characters transmitted per boat, an amount that added up quickly, given the fleet’s size.
  • Innovated to improve digital communications and connectivity.
  • Improved the experience of all dock users and renters.
  • Strategized to save time and increase efficiencies.
  • Enabled commercial fleet operators to support sustainability and maintain compliance with federal maritime law.

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