The Rise of the Secure Internet Gateway

By September 19, 2017Resources
secure internet gateway

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The world has changed, and how (and where) your employees work has also changed. Because of this, the IT landscape has evolved. Critical infrastructure, applications, and data are moving to the cloud, leveraging either public or private cloud infrastructure., Box, G Suite, Office 365, and other software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps, whether sanctioned by IT or not, are commonplace in companies of all sizes and industries — even the most highly regulated ones. Not only does this raise questions about how to protect where sensitive data is going and how it’s being used, but it also changes how employees get their work done.

So, how do you protect your network? Learn how to shift your security controls to the cloud in this white paper, The Rise of the Secure Internet Gateway, provided by our partner, Cisco.

Implementing a comprehensive and proactive security solution (whether from Cisco Umbrella or others provided by Vertikal6) can be the single most effective measure to mitigate the significant costs of remediating a data breach. If you’d like to discuss how we can help you, contact today.