Say Goodbye to Standard Reports

By July 13, 2016Blog
IT support

Create and run queries with ease on any SQL Server
database with our Quick Query tool.

You’ve purchased the software that’s critical to running your business, installed it, and now you’re receiving the standard reporting. Unfortunately, these reports either aren’t in the format you need, or they don’t provide quite exactly the analysis to drive complete business decisions. Then, when you ask for custom reports, it will either cost money for a consultant to write the queries or the request is lost amongst higher priorities.

Your new standard should be accessing your data the moment you need it.

Now, you can get the reports you want, when you want them. Our Quick Query tool is a web application that allows operations staff, managers and Senior Executives (with no programming experience) to create and run queries on existing data. After the initial setup and training performed by Vertikal6, you’ll finally, get the real-time custom reports you need… in minutes!

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