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Analyzing Your Defenses

Assessing Where to Make Security Improvements

With every new day comes opportunities for your team to unintentionally introduce new threats to your business. From clicking malicious links, to installing malicious applications, cyberattacks can weasel their way into your defenses before you know what happened. Part of the battle is knowing where your vulnerabilities lie. You need a reliable partner implementing solutions to close gaps, prevent breaches, boost business continuity, and build credibility.

Vertikal6 analyzes your current security procedures and tech systems with an IT vulnerability assessment to locate your protection pain points. We’ll make suggestions for improvement based on real data collected during the assessment. By minimizing risks, deploying advanced security tools, updating your systems, and training your team, we implement a multi-layer approach to your defenses. We will consolidate data and provide you a short report summarizing where your business can improve.

Don't blindly protect your business-know exactly where to make improvements.


Benefits of IT Vulnerability Assessment

24/7 Support
Prioritize Risks
Meet Compliance
Audits & Reports
Eliminate Breaches
Team Training
“We’re happy to have the support of Vertikal6. As a consultant, we’re able to focus on our clients while Vertikal6 proactively maintains our systems and if things do go wrong, we can rely on Vertikal6 to take care of any issues in a professional and timely manner.”


-Turino Group

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