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Protecting your Business from Disaster

What Is Your Backup & Disaster Recovery Plan?

Disasters happen. How they’re handled determines if your business gets back on its feet? Extended downtime is expensive and reduces your credibility with customers. Reliable data backup and disaster recovery services can save you time, money and allow you to virtualize your entire infrastructure instantly.

You need a reliable backup and recovery partner capable of locating your vulnerabilities, closing gaps, keeping your systems protected, and ensuring business continuity. We’ll ensure that you have the right backup and recovery systems to provide your desired level of protection. We’ll design systems that not only protect your data from a catastrophe, but will also ensure you have access to individual file recovery from accidental deletion or corruption. We’ll also recommend solutions for the redundancy of critical business systems that will keep your business running in the event of a core system failure.

Protect your data and your business-with a single click.

Whether a storm knocks your system offline, or an employee accidentally deletes a file, our backup and recovery solutions mean you’ll always have access to what you need, when you need it.


Our Backup & Disaster Recovery Services will help you plan and prepare

Access Files
24/7 Monitoring
Flexible Storage
Offsite & Local Backups
Less Downtime
Hassle-Free Compliance
Speedy Recovery
Business Continuity
“Through Vertikal6’s hosting services, we have enhanced system availability, reliability and enabled timely information delivery to our clinicians to better serve our patients. Our nurses receive consistent, around-the-clock system access and hosting support while in the field. Instant availability of information and support has enabled better communication and streamlined operations, providing more time for our staff to spend treating patients.”


-Hope Health

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