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IT Security for Peace of Mind

Did you know it takes most businesses 197 days to detect a breach? If your company fell victim to a cyberattack, you can lose your critical data, current and potential customers, your reputation, and possibly, your entire business. Without the proper cybersecurity protection, you leave your business vulnerable to the possibilities.

Vertikal6 is your IT security bodyguard. We’re here 24/7/365 to provide expert advice, and help you migrate and secure any technology you need. What makes us different from other IT security companies is that we analyze your current system to create a security strategy that works for your business. We’ll deploy advanced security solutions designed to help you meet compliance, protect your data, and boost credibility. Our IT security services will keep ensure your entire company is safe.

We’ll develop a comprehensive and customized cybersecurity offering to address the “What if’s” before they happen. Our fully hosted, secure and compliant IT security solutions will provide constant monitoring of your critical infrastructure to keep you working effectively and efficiently. Our team will continually assess and adjust configurations based on current threats, compliance requirements and your organization’s needs. We’ll review automated alerts on all your devices – from firewalls, to switches, servers, and more – and notify you immediately when issues arrive. Protect your company and reputation with Vertikal6’s managed security services and avoid potential costly IT attacks.

Benefits of Our IT Security Services

Whether you need Security-as-a-Service or a Fully Managed Security Solution, you can benefit from working with a cyber security company.

  • Enhanced detection
  • Additional security
  • Peace of mind
  • Compliance support
  • Improved risk management

Our IT Security Services

Backup & Disaster Recovery
Security Info & Event Management
Security Vulnerability Assessment
Comprehensive Device Support
Event Log Consolidation & Management
Network, Virtualization & Application Intelligence
Database Security, Availability & Activity Monitoring
Compliance Automation
Automated Alerts & Notifications
Compliance & Standards-based Reports
Audit Support

Experience the MaxCare Difference

What’s MaxCare? To put it simply, it’s maximizing your chances for success with end-to-end, managed IT support. We function as your organization’s IT department and provide an account representative, a sales representative, and a vCIO to assist you. You’ll meet with our vCIO as often as you need to ensure your technology is keeping your business on track. From planning and investing to structuring and deploying, we’ll integrate your technology solutions into your daily operations to help improve productivity and efficiency while saving you money. We’ll keep your IT updated, minimize security risks, train your team, and more. Plus, by planning out your tech budget, we’ll help you make educated tech decisions throughout the year.

Experience MaxCare for YourselfExperience MaxCare for Yourself

Our IT Solutions Support Your Industry & More

Healthcare & Medical
Service Businesses

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