Dedicated infrastructure, increased security & full transparency

Add Flexibility with a Cloud Storage Provider

Wouldn’t it be nice to have access to your business in the palm of your hands? Whether you’re travelling, working from home or your favorite coffee shop, cloud-based solutions give you the freedom to go virtually anywhere.

Vertikal6 offers dynamic cloud computing solutions that are easily scalable as you grow and expand. Choosing the right cloud computing infrastructure for today and tomorrow – is critical. As a cloud service provider, we’ll partner with you to match your business needs to a private cloud custom-designed to meet your specific objectives in an entirely private environment. We’ll propose, select, maintain and support each dedicated server that your business relies on. Vertikal6 makes working on-the-go simple with cloud services and support. Implementing cloud solutions to free up your file storage, enhancing your applications, and mass-deploying updates are just a few ways our team can help you streamline your business. Whether you’re looking to improve your process, or need a complete overhaul, our scalable and flexible cloud storage solutions are uniquely tailored for you, with you.

Whether you need to meet compliance standards (HIPAA, SOC2, etc.), are looking for increased control, or want tighter security to prevent cyberattacks; our hosting services can provide peace of mind. Our scalable & flexible co-location infrastructure is designed for you, with you.

Free up office space, save money, eliminate storage and cooling costs, upgrade your IT on the fly and enjoy geo-redundancy, real-time continuity and rapid straightforward recovery.

Our Cloud Computing Services

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Geographic Co-Location
Custom Solution Design, Implementation & Support
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Migration & Deployment Solutions
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Microsoft Azure & Public Cloud

Cloud Solutions Designed for You

Private Cloud: This option provides a dedicated infrastructure, increased security & full transparency. We’ll partner with you to match your business needs to a private cloud custom-designed to meet your specific objectives in an entirely private environment with geo-redundancy, Real-time continuity and rapid, straightforward recovery. We’ll provide world-class infrastructure hosted in best-in-class data centers, geo-redundant to ensure high availability and prevent service failure in the face of a catastrophic event.

Microsoft Azure: Transform how your business consumes IT by offering consumption-based resources that can scale up or down, as needed. As a Microsoft Partner, Vertikal6 can assist you in moving your data to Azure and reduce your costs by up to 50% on key cloud workloads.

  • Easy setup and management with an online, all-in-one portal.
  • Open platform with support for almost any OS, workload, tool, language.
  • Largest network of global datacenters 100+ in 40+ countries.
  • True hybrid capabilities what you want, when and where you want.
  • Proven enterprise-grade security, privacy and compliance.
  • Scale on demand, pay as you go with no upfront costs.

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