Proactively track, manage & forecast your IT budgets with ESP

By October 30, 2018Blog
ESP Elevated Strategy Platform

IT Health & Much, Much More

Introducing ESP – Powerful Success Software for your IT

Have you heard about ESP? It’s our proprietary software that helps our MaxCare clients adhere to and surpass IT best practices. No other Managed Service Provider in the area uses technology like this. With over 160 questions within six IT areas, we’re able to review and assess your IT strengths and risks, not to mention the level of risk and anticipated timing!

Our Reports Provide the Real Story – What, When and Why
ESP gives you visibility into the ongoing health of your IT in six key areas so you can make the right decisions, eliminate surprises, remove roadblocks and keep your team productive. Our VCIOs utilize these reports to develop a plan to align your strategic and technology goals, showing you where you are following best practices as well as our recommendations to mitigate each risk that is identified. We believe that technology is more than software and hardware. It’s about service. It’s about making your technology work for you, and providing peace of mind. Our IT Success Software aligns all of your IT information and insights in one place to proactively track, manage, and forecast your IT budgets all from one system.


  • Know When to Act: Knowing where you are allows us to assess and mitigate the highest risks and can work with you to proactively take action when it’s right for you.
  • VCIO Insight: Our VCIOs utilize the information in ESP to help you answer why. Their insight provides a powerful perspective on your overall IT health. Often times simple changes can provide powerful results.
  • A Roadmap Based on Your Operations: Know how your technology decisions integrate into your business — now and in the future. By analyzing your needs, challenges, and goals over time, we’ll help you navigate and plan through any tech challenge.
  • IT Inventory Management: Manage assets, network inventory, workstations, warranties, subscriptions, renewals, and more all in one place.
  • Focused on Success: Define, manage, and measure your methodology for driving IT success by leveraging industry best practices.
  • Budgets Backed by Strategy: Not only will you know your technology budget for the next 3 years at all times, you’ll know the exact reason behind the plan.

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