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March 2017

Email scams requesting a wire transfer on the rise

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At Vertikal6, we’re seeing a recent rise in fake wire transfer requests via email. These requests are coming from an email address that may or may not be similar to the company requesting the wire transfer, however, they are changing the “Friendly From” name to a CEO, or someone you may have received a similar request from previously. Because these come from a legitimate email address, these cannot be stopped with technology, such as email spam filters.

Any request for a wire transfer should be followed by a voice confirmation – initiated by the person who received the request. If you get an email from your CEO (or anyone else!) asking for a wire transfer, pick up the phone and call them on a previously known phone number (not one supplied via the email) and confirm the wire transfer request.

Please forward this email to anyone in your organization handling finance to make them aware. If you have any questions, please contact us!

SOC 1 vs. SOC Type 1 – clarification on the different forms of SOC reporting

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In the modern business world, it has become common practice for organizations to outsource certain functions or business processes to third parties, rather than performing all processes “in-house.” When an organization decides to outsource a core business process to a third party, the risks of the service organization often times become the risk of the user entity. Therefore, now more than ever, it is important to understand the different forms of Service Organization Control Reports and the types of risk that are addressed by each one.

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