Grow Your Ambition, Not Your IT Department

We keep our eyes on the tech so you can keep your eye on the ball.

Running a small or medium-sized business, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Don’t let increasing IT demands distract you from your core mission. Vertikal6 allows you to focus on the things that matter most to your business by making your IT effortless.

Is Your Tech On the Right Track?

Make sure you’re maximizing your IT dollars.

The right technology – and technology partner – should help your business attain its goals.

So, is your tech helping you reach yours? Find out.

Request a free guided assessment of your IT needs.

A Vertikal6 IT expert will help you better understand your current IT infrastructure, security and company technology roadmap. There’s no obligation and you’ll gain valuable IT insights that will help your business succeed.

But don’t wait until your tech needs outgrow your needs.

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What Can the Right IT Partner Do for Your Business?

Today, smaller businesses need more technology than ever to thrive. It’s hard to keep pace. And hiring the right IT talent is more difficult (and expensive) than ever, too.

That’s why businesses turn to Vertikal6.

Our mission: Help small and mid-sized businesses access the same leading IT know-how and world-class support available to the big guys.

We invite you to more about how we help people just like you use technology to achieve the dreams you have for your business, effortlessly and affordably.

Where Will Technology Take Your Business?

Whatever the answer, it all starts with a strategic plan to get you there.

We’re passionate about your business, no matter what business you’re in. Whatever your goal, we will work with you to build a technology roadmap to help get you there – discovering all the opportunities while avoiding the costly roadblocks along the way.

Work With a Team Attuned to Your Business Needs.

Our high-caliber expertise, at your disposal.

Tech talent has never been more in demand. You’re competing against some of the titans of technology with zillion-dollar HR budgets and outrageous perks. With Vertikal6, you have enterprise-level caliber talent working to solve your tech problems for a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire.

Seamless Operations Start Here.

Technology infrastructure matters to every aspect of your business – including your bottom line.

Protecting your data. Reducing downtime. Improving performance. Scaling to meet demand. Maximizing your IT spend. It all begins with your tech stack. From IT budgeting to server installs and cloud migrations, we’ll help you plan an effective IT ecosystem – and be there to keep everything humming along, day in and day out.

A HelpDesk That Actually Helps, 24/7/365.

From user support and beyond, Vertikal6’s professional Help Desk team is highly trained, fully certified, and available any time of day or night.

Dependable, Rock-Solid Security You Can Depend On.

Phishing. DoS. Ransomware. The threats are out there. Sleep tight knowing our experts protect your data’s integrity night and day, armed with the most sophisticated weapons in the battle for cybersecurity.

Keep Pace With the Way the World Works Today.

In-house hybrid or fully remote. Desktops or mobile phones. VoIP or PBX. We remove the hassles of maintaining physical device setup, support, and training in today’s complex working environments.

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